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Landscape Designers & Professional Landscape Design in St. Louis

Landscaping Design Services in St. Louis

Landscape design includes the planning, development, and construction of a new landscape layout through the use of plants, trees, shrubs, and a variety of hardscapes. At Malone's Landscaping, we specialize in developing landscape designs that are both functional and beautiful. Our experienced landscape designers will help you create the outdoor environment and living space of your dreams with a well-organized architectural-quality landscape design plan. After our landscape designers develop your new landscape design plan, Malone's Landscaping can turn the plan into a reality with landscaping installation services including planting and hardscape construction.

Our landscape designers are available for projects throughout the St. Louis area including in St. Charles and St. Peters. To learn how our commercial and residential landscape designers can help you realize your landscaping dreams and transform your outdoor space into the inviting space you desire, please feel free to contact our St. Louis landscaping company.

Our Landscape Design Services

St. Louis Landscaping Design Services

Whether you are looking for the perfect front yard landscaping design to complement your home's architecture and welcome guests to your home or a backyard landscaping design that transforms your backyard into a relaxing retreat or an extended entertaining space, our landscape designers can help. Our commercial and residential landscape designers offer complete design and construction services to see your project through from the initial planning and design stages to the final construction and installation processes.

The design and construction services offered by our landscape designers include the integration of a number of features and elements in order to achieve your desired style.

Our landscape design services can add functionality and style to any outdoor space in order to meet your specific needs and tastes. The following are several features and elements that our landscaping designers can incorporate into your landscape design:

Planning your Landscape Design & Recognizing your Style

Landscaping Design Services in St. Louis

When beginning a new landscape design project, we understand that our clients are often filled with both excitement and anxiety. Whether you know exactly what you want your backyard to look like or have no idea what to do with your outdoor space, our professional and experienced landscape designers can work closely with you during the landscaping design process in order to determine your specific needs and wants. We can create a landscape that offers the functionality and style you desire. With the use of landscaping elements including hardscapes and trees, shrubs, or plants, we will create the style you desire whether it is that of a relaxing retreat, a paradise vacation, or a lively entertainment space.

After the landscape designers at Malone's Landscaping in St. Louis determine the landscape design plan for you, we will provide you with this plan and an estimate for your project. When you fully understand and have accepted this estimate, we will begin the installation and construction process in order to provide you with the backyard or front yard landscaping of your dreams.

For our commercial landscape design services, our landscape designers can suggest possible layouts and design features that best utilize your outdoor space. Whether you are interested in developing a relaxing outdoor patio for an office park or a bright and low maintenance outdoor space to surround a shopping center or retail space, our commercial landscape designers can develop and install your commercial landscaping.

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