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Landscape Designer in St. Louis

Landscaping Designers in St. Louis

Landscaping is an important investment in your property, as landscaping can add up to 20 percent to your real estate value. When adding landscaping to your property, it is important to work with a professional landscape designer in order to develop a design that adds curb appeal to your property and accentuates the architecture of your home. The expert landscape designers at Malone's Landscaping can design your property and landscaping to create great curb appeal and achieve the best resale value for your home.

If you are interested in learning more about our landscape design service or you would like to meet with our landscape designers personally to discuss possible design ideas for your home and property, please contact our St. Louis landscaping contractors today.

See Your Landscape Design with Professional Design Software

As professional landscape designers, we use real-time landscaping software to create a customized landscape design for your home. In fact, our landscape designers can even take a photo of your existing home and place our new design directly over the top of this photo so that you can see what the final result will look like prior to installation.

What this means for you is that there is no guessing at what certain plants, trees, and bushes will look like in front of your home. It gives you the opportunity to change your mind before products are installed at your home and helps prevent the additional costs associated with changing products or plants. For example, if you are not sure if you want decorative rock or mulch, with one click our landscape designer can show you the difference. This visual aid is an invaluable tool for our landscape designers when it comes to the decision making process.

Landscaping Design | New Construction Before Design
Before Design
Landscaping Design | After Design with Landscaping Software
After Landscaping Design (Using Landscaping Software)

Landscape Designers with Professional Knowledge and Experience

As experienced landscape designers, we have a complete and thorough knowledge of the products, plants, and other aspects involved in landscaping design. We can help you determine which products will work best with your overall design, which plants and products will create the look you desire, and which plants will require the type and level of maintenance you are willing to commit. Therefore, when you choose Malone's Landscaping as your landscape designer, you will benefit greatly from this advanced knowledge.

Even if you are an avid gardener and like to work in the yard or if you are an experienced do-it-yourself person, it is hard to beat the professional experience you will receive when working with our landscape designers. We have been designing and installing landscapes and hardscapes since 1978. Let us create the perfect landscape design by taking care of the bigger parts of your landscape installation project while allowing you to add your own finishing touches.

Our expertise includes knowledge of:

  • Soil Conditions: The professional landscape designers at Malone's Landscaping have the knowledge to evaluate soil conditions, exposures, and growth rates. All of these things are important in the design process. They will influence your choice and placement of certain plants and elements.
  • Landscaping Products: One of the biggest advantages to hiring a professional landscape designer is their knowledge of products. With thousands of landscape products available, it can be an overwhelming task to decide which products match and fit together. It is important that your landscaping plan covers all aspects of design including irrigation, turf, landscape, hardscape, and lighting design. Our landscape designers can help you to select the hardscape products and lighting products that work best together to create the overall look you desire.
  • Nursery Stock: Another important piece of knowledge that landscape designers bring to your design project is knowledge and understanding of different plants and nursery stock. Our landscaping designers can explain to you which nursery stock is appropriate for the area you are interested in designing. They will also help you select nursery stock that will give color all year. This will include the proper amount and placement of evergreen to provide color in cold St. Louis winter months. This nursery stock knowledge is the hardest for the novice to understand, and therefore, is a key advantage of working with a professional landscape designer.
Landscaping Design in St. Louis | Before
Before Design
Landscaping Design in St. Louis | After with Design Software
After Landscaping Design (Using Landscaping Software)

Consistent & Complete Hardscape and Landscape Design Service

In order to create the best aesthetic impact with your landscape design, it is important that the landscape design for your entire property is consistent and flows well. Even if you break up your landscape installation project into different phases, it is import to have a consistent plan for the entire property. A professional landscape designer will help you develop a consistent and complete plan for your whole property. This might include incorporating foundation plantings that match any beds in the yard. Additionally, if you desire hardwood trees it is important to plan ahead and allow them to be spaced far enough apart so that at maturity they do not block other nursery stock or create structural problems later.

With the trend of outdoor living space really taking off, our landscape designers can include an outdoor kitchen or complete back yard design with your landscaping design project. Adding living space to your home is a great way to increase property value. Additionally, large scale patios complete with kitchens and fireplaces are great areas that can be used almost year round. At Malone's Landscaping, our landscape designers can create and install a unique design for your outdoor living spaces with custom touches just for you.

Contact a St. Louis Landscape Designer for your Project

If you are interested in working with our landscape designer to develop and install a professional landscape design for your property or home, please contact us today. You can also learn more about our patio design, hardscape design, and backyard design services here on our website.

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