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Patio Design & Outdoor Living Space Design Service in St. Louis

Patio Design Servics | St. Louis Landscaping Company

Patios can transform a yard from dull to glorious in just a few days, as what was once unused yard space now becomes the center point of your outdoor design. A well designed patio will become an additional living space for entertaining and can add value to your home. With a variety of materials and products available, the possibilities for patio design and applications are nearly endless.

At Malone's Landscaping, we offer patio design services for clients located throughout the St. Louis area. We can design and install patios using a variety of different materials in order to create the look and style you desire. In addition to designing and installing patios, with our patio design services, we can create an outdoor living space in your backyard complete with outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and more.

To learn more about our patio design service or to work with us to create the patio of your dreams, please contact our landscaping contractors today.

Designing your New Patio

With our patio design services, we can utilize a variety of popular materials to create just the style patio that you are looking for. We can also integrate a variety of other features into your patio design including outdoor kitchens, grills, fireplaces, fire pits, and water features. We can transform an unused or under used space into a magnificent outdoor living space for you and your guests to enjoy.

With our patio design services, we can design and install:

  • Natural Stone Patios
  • Paver Patios
  • Concrete Patios

Contact our St. Louis landscaping company today to discuss your patio design ideas and to begin designing the patio and outdoor living space of your dreams.

Pavestone Patio Design

Patio Design Services | Paver Stone Patios

Our most popular patio designs are pavestone patios. These patios are made from separate manufactured paver stones that fit together to make any size or shape patio. The introduction of a new polymeric sand technology has changed the face of pavestone patio installation and made it even more popular today. Polymeric sand is a product that has a glue-like polymer impregnated in the sand. This allows the sand to become a mortar like substance in the joints of your paver patio. As a result, the final patio becomes a solid surface similar to concrete.

Pavers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that allow our patio designers to create nearly any look. We sell a complete variety of pavers for patio design projects including:

  • Belgard and Romanstone products that look like natural stone but provide the structural strength and affordability of pavers
  • A variety of pre-formed products to allow for circular patio designs
  • Aqua-Brick and Aquatic pavers that allow surface water to be absorbed into the patio surface and then piped to a different location where it will be slowly dispersed into the yard in order to reduce the environmental impact caused by patio run off

Natural Stone Patio Design

Natural stone patio designs are by far the most aesthetically appealing patios available. Although natural stone has a more expensive initial cost, the look, feel, and texture that these patio designs can add to any outdoor living space is unmatched. When designing patios using natural stone, each batch of stone is unique to that area from which it was mined. This creates a customized one-of-a kind look and feel.

With our patio design services, we have access to an endless assortment of types of stone including blue stone and limestone. We can also use Polymeric sand in the joints of natural stone patio design projects in order to create a solid feel that is similar to concrete.

Patio Design Services | Before Patio Installation
Patio Design Services | After Patio Installation

Begin Your Patio Design Project

To learn more about our patio design services and to begin planning your patio design project with our experts, please contact our St. Louis landscaping company. You can also learn more about our landscape design and backyard design services online.

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