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Residential & Commercial Landscaping Services

As a leading landscaping company in St. Louis, Malone's Landscaping offers commercial and residential landscaping services throughout the St. Louis area including in St. Charles and St. Peters. Our landscaping services include residential or commercial lawn care services including fertilizing, mowing, and aerating. We also offer tree and shrub care services as well as flowerbed care and cleanup. With this complete offering of residential and commercial landscaping services, Malone's Landscaping is prepared to handle any large or small landscaping project.

Our Residential Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services in St. Louis - Residential

With our residential landscaping services, we are able to handle front yard landscaping projects for homeowners as well as large residential landscaping projects for condominiums or apartment complexes. Our residential landscaping services can keep your landscaping looking its best while saving you time and effort. Our St. Louis landscaping company offers everything from weekly mowing and lawn care to annual aeration, seeding, pruning, mulching, and perennial planting. Our residential landscaping and front yard landscaping services also include insect and pest control and fertilization for all of your landscaping including your lawn, trees and shrubs, and flowerbeds.

The following are some of the main residential landscaping services that are available to clients throughout the St. Louis, St. Peters, and St. Charles areas:

  • Lawn Care Services: Our lawn care services for residential clients include all of the important lawn and turf care services needed to keep your lawn looking green and healthy. These services include Fertilization, Weed and Pest Control, Mowing, Edging, Aeration, Power Raking, and Seeding.
  • Tree and Shrub Care Services: Pruning and caring for trees, bushes, and shrubs will prevent them from becoming overgrown while encouraging healthy plant growth. Our residential landscaping services for front and backyards include tree and shrub Pruning, Insect and Pest Control, and Fertilization services.
  • Perennial Bed Care & Cleanup: After an initial landscape design, certain annual bed care and cleanup is important to maintain your landscaping. Our residential bed care services include Deadheading, Pest, Insect, and Weed Control, Fertilization, and Mulching services. For those who are interested in adding color to or adapting their landscaping as the seasons change, we can also plant perennial flowers to bring new color and life to a landscape design.

You can chose to have our residential landscaping company complete all of your landscaping care projects or you can select just a few services to meet your needs. Either way, when you let Malone's Landscaping do the "dirty" work, you are free to sit back and enjoy your home and your landscaping.

Our Commercial Landscaping Services

Malone's landscaping has the required equipment and work force to handle even large-scale commercial landscaping projects. Therefore, all of the residential landscaping services we offer are also available to our commercial clients including our turf and lawn care services, our tree and shrub care services, and our perennial bed care services. We bring the expertise, experience, and equipment needed to complete all of these commercial landscaping services for both large and small-scale projects. Our commercial landscaping care services are available for office building complexes or campuses, shopping centers and malls, schools and college campuses, golf courses, retail buildings, and more.

Commercial Landscaping Services in St. Louis

In addition to offering the above commercial landscaping services, we also offer several additional commercial landscaping services. This includes our bush hog mowing services, which are available to clients throughout the St. Louis area. With these bush hog mowing services, we can clear and remove overgrown vegetation including tall grass, weeds, and brush up that is up to 6 feet high.

We also offer right-of-way vegetation controls along highways and roads as well as for gas, power, and water lines. This service includes preventing the growth of noxious and non-native plants or weeds. Benefits of this commercial landscaping service include improved visibility, improved habitat for threatened and endangered animals, stabilization of roadside soils against erosion, aesthetic appeal, and visible boundary maintenance at the pavement edge.

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