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Retaining Wall Construction and Design in St. Louis

Retaining Wall Construction Services

Retaining walls are built for a variety of purposes including slope management, drainage and erosion control, and aesthetic reasons. A retaining wall can help define a flowerbed or can be incorporated with a drainage system to prevent erosion and control water flow on slopes. Retaining walls can be constructed out of a variety of materials including concrete, natural stones, timber, or blocks.

At Malone's Landscaping, we have experience designing and constructing retaining walls of all shapes, sizes and styles. Whether you need a small two-foot retaining wall or a massive 300-foot long and twelve-foot tall retaining wall, we can handle retaining wall projects of any size.

As a leading St. Charles landscaping company, serving all of the St. Louis and surrounding areas including St. Charles and St. Peters, we offer both residential and commercial retaining wall construction services. To learn more about how our retaining wall construction services can meet your needs for an upcoming retaining wall construction project, please contact our St. Louis landscaping company.

Benefits of Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining Wall Construction | Landscaping Services

Retaining walls are typically carefully engineered systems that are capable of holding back tons of saturated soil and preventing soil erosion, which can cause foundation damage or damage surrounding landscapes. A retaining wall can also be used to increase useable yard space by terracing sloped property. Retaining walls can be designed to increase the aesthetic appeal of an outdoor space, and low retaining walls can also add a natural bench or seating area.

Common places where a retaining wall may be needed include sloped landscapes where water runoff is causing hillside erosion. This can include spots downhill from soil fault lines as well as places where the downhill side of a foundation is losing supporting soil or where the uphill side of a foundation is under excess pressure from sliding soil. At Malone's Landscaping, we will carefully consider any soil erosion or drainage problems you may have in order to develop the ideal retaining wall or other erosion control solution for your needs.

Types of Retaining Walls

St. Louis Retaining Wall Design and Construction

When you are planning a retaining wall construction project, there are four main types of retaining walls that are available from which to choose. At Malone's landscaping, we are capable of designing and building retaining walls out of timber, interlocking concrete blocks, natural stone, and concrete. Each of these types of retaining walls offers different advantages and drawbacks to consider. When determining the best type of retaining wall for any commercial or residential construction project, factors to consider include aesthetic preference, budget, wall size, and durability or longevity. The experts at Malone's Landscaping in St. Louis will help you decided which type of retaining wall is best for your commercial or residential retaining wall project.

Popular types of retaining walls from which you can choose include:

  • Timber Retaining Walls: Timber retaining walls are affordable retaining walls that can be used for low- to mid-height wall construction projects. Wood retaining walls complement contemporary and rustic looks. Generally, a timber retaining wall will require the addition of some type ofdrainage system to prevent the buildup of hydrostatic pressure.
  • Interlocking Block Retaining Walls: These types of retaining walls use one of several interlocking block systems, which are generally made of concrete or cement. These retaining walls are aesthetically appealing and can be found in a variety of shapes, textures, and colors to fit any style. Interlocking block retaining walls are durable and can be used for small or large walls up to 20 feet high.
  • Natural Stone Retaining Walls: Natural stone retaining walls can include stone, brick, or cinder block retaining walls that are made with stacked, non-mortared stones or mortared stones. Stone retaining walls can create a rustic look while brick retaining walls offer a more formal style. Stone retaining walls typically are extremely effective in holding against soil erosion.
  • Concrete Retaining Walls: Concrete retaining walls are typically very strong, durable retaining walls that can be used effectively for small or large retaining wall projects. While bare concrete is not particularly appealing, concrete retaining walls can be covered with a stone veneer or special forms can be used to improve the look of these walls.
Retaining Wall Design Services
Retaining Wall Construction Services in St. Louis
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