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Tree Trimming Service in St. Louis

Tree Trimming Services in St. Louis

Tree trimming is both an art and a science. When shaping and trimming trees and nursery stock, it is important to maintain their shape and symmetry. However, it is also important to keep the overall health of the tree in mind. Therefore, during any tree trimming service, maintaining proper tree health is typically the number one priority. It is important that you let a professional perform your tree trimming services in order to ensure that the proper limbs are selected for trimming, and that complete tree health is the overall goal. Professionals will also ensure that each cut is clean so that there is no damage to the trunk that results from the tree trimming service.

Malone's Landscaping in St. Louis has the expert experience needed to complete your tree trimming service in a safe and effective manner. Our professional tree trimming services are available for residential and commercial customers who are interested in maintaining the health and appearance of their trees. To learn more about our tree trimming services, please contact our St. Louis landscaping company today.

At Malone's Landscaping, with our tree trimming services we will:

  • Remove the nasty sucker sprouts at the bottom of your tree
  • Remove "V" or "U" crouch limbs that cause the bark to grow inward and can cause damage to the tree
  • Remove water sprout limbs, which are small limbs that grow horizontally off from the trunk of the tree
  • Remove dead or diseased limbs
  • Remove any limbs that touch or cross in an x pattern, as these limbs can rub together and cause damage to the tree

Why You Need Professional Tree Trimming Service

Maintain Tree Health with Tree Trimming Services:

The most important reason that it is important to have an expert perform regular tree trimming services is to maintain overall tree health. During the tree trimming service, an expert will look closely at your tree to determine exactly what it needs in order to remain healthy. A lack of regular tree trimming services can lead to unwanted and expensive tree removal and replacement costs. Additionally, because most landscapers can only supply you with a much smaller version of your tree for replacement, it is hard to put a monetary value on your larger trees.

Keep Your Trees Looking Their Best:

Tree trimming services can greatly impact the aesthetic value of your trees in order to keep them looking their best throughout the entire year. With professional tree trimming services, we can take a tree that may be browning, overgrown, or simply looks like it needs to be removed, and we can help it to become the focal point of your landscaping.

St. Louis Tree Trimming Company

It is important that all tree trimming take place at the proper time of year in order to keep trees looking their best. For example, it is not wise to trim trees during extreme temperatures, as this could damage the tree resulting in discoloration or the loss of leaves or flowers. It is also important that ornamental trees be handled with extreme care during tree trimming services, as they can be stressed even by light trimming, which can result in a number of negative outcomes. Lastly, not only do deciduous trees require tree trimming services, but evergreens do as well. Certain evergreens should be sheered and treated with a fertilizer yearly in order to keep the trees looking healthy. During your annual tree trimming services, an expert will also examine evergreens as well as other trees for disease and other problems.

Maintain Fruit Tree Health:

Fruit trees must be trimmed at the proper time each year in order for them to remain productive. Most fruit trees require tree trimming services in the late winter or early spring before any budding can occur. If you have a fruit tree in your yard, and have been wondering why this tree is not producing fruit, the problem can be as simple as improper trimming.

It is also important that non-bearing fruit trees, which are used in decorative landscapes, be trimmed annually, as fruit tree limbs tend to be very heavy. Therefore, these limbs can break from the stress of their own weight, which may cause damage the tree as well as other surrounding landscape plants and structures.

To more about when the best time is for your trees to be trimmed, and to find other information about caring for your trees, please contact the tree trimming experts at Malone's landscaping in St. Louis.

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